Learning can be an adventure filled with joy!  At Discovery Adventures Preschool, the whole child is loved and celebrated as we embark on the important and fulfilling journey of preparing for school and life.

Our Mission

Discovery Adventures Preschool is a place of love.  A place of joy.  A place of discovery.  Our preschool empowers students to ask questions, and gives them tools to explore answers.  Our preschool prepares students for kindergarten, to be a child of character, a learner, and a positive influence in this world.

Meet the teacher

Hillary Steab

  • A great love and enthusiasm for students, teaching, learning, and life!

  • BYU and Snow College graduate and elementary and preschool teacher of 7 years.

  • Loved and respected by students and parents.


With no doubt in my mind, Mrs. Steab is the most positive, caring, happy, and compassionate person I have ever met. With a personality like that, there is no doubt that the students knew they were cared for, loved, and valued.
— Julianne Farley, 2nd Grade Teacher
She always has a positive outlook and shares that with her students. She knows how to maintain discipline and order in the classroom. She is an enthusiastic instructor and uses interesting ways to explain concepts to students. As a parent, I always felt my opinion was valued and Mrs. Steab was always willing to help with any concerns I had. She was a positive influence in the lives of both my children.
— Jenny Kipnis
My son used to hate school. He’s very smart but has always dreaded going to school because it’s boring to him. This year has been an amazing transformation for him. Mrs. Steab made a light go on inside of him somehow! She made school FUN for him. I’ll be forever grateful to Mrs. Steab!
— Candace Romero