Discovery Adventures Preschool strives to provide high-quality education.  Here's how we do it:



Healthy relationships and positive interactions are fostered between the students, with the teacher, and families.  All who enter our doors are shown love and respect. Part of our morning circle is specially designed to foster the friendship and social skills of our preschoolers.


Our program’s curriculum addresses all aspects of child development.  We pull from many resources, including the researched-based SEEL (Systematic Engaging Early Literacy) curriculum developed by BYU. Play is the “work” of young children. SEEL activities incorporate song, dance, drama, and games in order to attract children’s attention, motivate them to participate, hold their interest, and help them remember what they’ve learned. There is a place in SEEL for all children’s talents, strengths, and preferences. 

In math, we use the Mindful Math curriculum. It covers pre-k and kindergarten standards in an engaging hands-on, mind-on way.

Children are given opportunities to learn and develop through exploration and play, and teachers have opportunities to work with individual children and small groups on specific skills.  Activities are designed to help children get better at: 

  • Reasoning
  • Solving problems
  • Getting along with others
  • Using language 
  • Developing skills  

Teaching and assessing

Ms Hillary graduated from Brigham Young University in Elementary Education and taught as a classroom teacher in public school for 5 years and 3 years of preschool.  She tailors instruction to meet the needs and interests of individual children.  The program supports children’s learning using a variety of assessment methods.  Families receive information about their child’s development and learning on a regular basis, including through conferences.  Class size are kept to around 12 students.

Health and safety


Our teacher carefully supervises all children.  Teaching staff are certified in first aid and CPR.  We regularly wash hands and routinely clean all surfaces in the facility with chemical-free cleaners.  Snacks are nutritious and usually include a fruit or vegetable with a grain like crackers.  Food is prepared and stored safely.




Families are welcome and encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the program.  Parents and guardians are communicated with regularly.  We love to have parents volunteer in the classroom!  

Community Relationships

We enjoy a minimum of four field trips a year, connecting our students with museums, parks, libraries, zoos, and other resources in the community.  

Physical Environment

The school entrance is located at the back of Ms Hillary's home.  The basement was built specifically as a preschool classroom, allowing for the best learning environment.  A fully fenced yard provides a safe and interactive environment.  Natural materials are used and paint is VOC for cleaner air.  



These standards are based off of the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) Accreditation system for early childhood programs.  For more information visit: 

The NAEYC Program Standards