Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts?

  • If you pay the entire year in advance, you get a $50 discount!

  • For class options and prices or to pay monthly tuition go to: Tuition

Will my child learn to read?

It depends on the child.  Discovery Adventures Preschool is academically focused and provides high-quality education.  Some children will be reading by the end of the year, but others will not be reading yet.  Every child develops at different rates.  And that's okay!  Whether your child begins reading or not, rest assured that we are doing the important work of laying a solid foundation that will allow he or she to be successful in a way that honors their individual nature.

Will we have homework?

Your child will have an optional, but highly beneficial homework assignment that you can support them in completing at home.  I keep homework fun, engaging, and age appropriate.  Much of the homework comes straight from our language arts program, SEEL; other times I'll send home a Scholastic activity page that correlates with the magazine that week.  I also give ideas of math and science activities you can do at home.


What are you expectations about parent volunteers?

Volunteers can make a wonderful positive impact on a child's education.  You can volunteer in a variety of ways so you can choose what you feel most comfortable with from helping with an art center to making copies at home.  Parents are always welcome!


Learning is a joy!  Celebrating holidays and our students on their birthdays and at graduation helps reinforce that important attitude.  On their birthday, students get a small gift, can wear a birthday crown or cape during class, get to be the line leader, and choose the story we read that day.  They may bring a story from home to read to the class themselves or to have me read aloud. If desired, students may bring a treat or small gift to share with classmates.  On major holidays, we enjoy a small party during the last hour of class.  Most of our games and activities during the party reinforce learning goals we are working on. At the end of the year, we celebrate our students with a simple graduation that highlight the students.  

Field Trips

Field trips are a wonderful way for our little ones to learn and explore and provide great opportunities for growth!  We enjoy a minimum of four field trips a year.  We have had great experiences at the library, the Treehouse Museum, the Discovery Gateway Museum, Black Island Farms, the fire station, the police station, and Antelope Island!  Each year we repeat a couple of our favorite field trips and do a few new ones!  Parents pay for each field trip their child attends, with prices ranging from free to $4. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from the field trips.  We love parent chaperones and moms, dads, grandparents, and any adult that is special to your child, are all invited!  Siblings are also welcome to most field trips as long as a parent stays with them.

What happens during "circle time"?  Why include prayer?

Circle time begins our day in the best way!  It's a great transition between home and school and sets the tone for the class.  We greet each other by name in fun and varied ways.  We preview what we'll be learning and discuss our goals for the day.  There will always be both academic and character goals.  Although the content of this time will change, there will always be physical activity and music integrated in.  A prayer will also be offered at the start of every class.  As all beliefs are welcome and celebrated, students can choose to say the prayer in any manner or method, or may choose to not participate.  Prayer helps set a positive intention for the class as well as provides an opportunity to learn about diversity and inclusion.  This is the only religious activity of the class.

How do you communicate with parents?

I believe that frequent communication is important to a successful school experience.  To keep parents informed I keep updated the schedule and calendar on this site and in the preschool.  I post on this site and on Facebook updates that will make you smile as you see all the fun and learning your kids are doing!  I send out emails when I have lengthier messages, and a short text after most classes to let you know what homework you can do that will support what we did in class.  We do a parent teacher conference in February where we talk about your child's progress, strengths, and areas to work on.  You'll also find I'm easy to talk to before or after class or through email or over the phone.

What does my enrollment fee include?

Most importantly, your $50 nonrefundable deposit saves your child's spot in the class.  It is also used for maintenance and to purchase supplies and snacks.  Your child also gets a subscription to Scholastic's preschool classroom magazine!  We get two issues a month that we read as a class and do an accompanying lesson. Then at home you get to enjoy online resources and homework sheets. 


Your enrollment fee also covers the cost of a preschool t-shirt for your child!