Service Project for Back to School Night

I love to look for ways to help our students serve. Back to School Night provides a wonderful opportunity to come together as a school to help children in need. Bountiful Food Pantry send Pantry Packs home with kids in our county who would be in danger of going to bed hungry on the weekend. We will focus on collecting microwavable meals (ones that children can make themselves like Easy Mac). You are invited to bring one or more to Back to School Night (they'll be assembled into the full Pantry Packs at an upcoming community service night). They also are asking for child friendly notes/cards with an uplifting message or game. What a great opportunity to help our students think of another child and reach out to them in love! Please help them write a message and decorate a card to bring to Back to School Night. This is a great time to help them practice writing their name, though only include the first name and no other personal information. I'll have supplies there if you'd like to make more that night, but since it will be a busy night, I recommend making a card or two ahead of time.


For more information on the Pantry Packs program, check out their website: