Enrollment Now Open

Enrollment is now open for the 2018-2019 school year. You can fill out the enrollment form and pay the enrollment fee all on this website: Enroll Now

Next year, most things will be quite similar. The things that will be different is we'll do a few different field trips, and the lessons will be varied though the content is similar. Homework will be similar but different. For example, we'll still have Scholastic Magazines but they will be different issues and I'll still ask you to play with the kids at home about what we're learning in class but the specifics will be varied.  Next year, I am going to move my billing to all automated and online to relieve some paperwork and booking duties. I will send more information when I have decided on the exact program I'll be using.

I would love to have another intern next year, but until I know for sure, the 2-day class will be capped at 10 and the three-day classes at 12.  If I have an intern those numbers may go up by two.

I made it a goal to always be growing my business and to that end, I am no longer offering a $10 referral discount. I, of course, love referrals but I no longer feel like they are prudent from a business viewpoint.

If you will not need me next year, my fondest wishes!  I do offer summer camps for various ages and would love to get to work with my former students again! I will update the dates for this upcoming summer in March.