Hogwarts Camp!

We had a magical time at Hogwarts Camp!  We all had fun and even got some good learning in, too! Here's a simple summary of what we did:


We told fortunes and peered into a crystal ball in Divinations.  The first day of Potions, we experimented and on the second day we crafted slime to take home. Wingardium Leviosa was practiced in Charms class as we made our balloon owls fly. In Choir, we sang each others names with the aid of instruments. Herbology was spent caring for Mandrake Roots.  We saw many creative creatures we crafted in Care of Magical Creatures. Finally, we had magical wizard duels in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Treats and Snacks:

Hogwarts wouldn't be complete without tasty treats!  We snacked on House Elf Crackers, Mrs. Sprouts carrots, Polyjuice Potion, Butter Bear, Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans, and Chocolate Snitches!


The students used their fine motor skills and creativity creating owl post, Harry Potter bookmarks, painting wands, and more!  There were Harry Potter themed STEM challenges that challenged and delighted.  Being sorted into houses added an extra element of fun. We worked together to complete the Sorcerer's Stone Challenge. The kids had fun thinking about Would You Rather Questions, Harry Potter style. They passed the trivia questions with flying colors. Quidditch was a great success!

The camp was wonderful!  Thank you for being a part of it!  For those interested, we played a modified version of this Quidditch: http://www.summercamppro.com/harry-potter-camp-ideas-part-3-the-extras/ 

We learned some fun Muggle magic tricks that even our youngest campers could preform at home with a little prep from their parents.  Those tricks can be found here: http://www.whatsupmoms.com/activities/toddler-activities/play-5-magic-tricks-kids-can-do/#.WWjsgIjys2w