Terrific Tt!

Toot! Toot!

Toot! Toot!


We has a great time playing with trains and instruments like tubas and trumpets!  We made a graph of the different textures we touched.  We practiced counting to 10!  We had another great week!



Treasure Trip

The slideshow below shows one of our lessons that we did as a class and then the kids could play during centers. We "packed" our imaginary adventure bags and chanted together:

  • We're going on treasure trip! 
  • We're not terrified! 
  • We're going to find some treasure! 
  • And have a terrific time!

When we encountered terrifying creatures we used the magic Tt sound to make them disappear.  T t t t t t t t! When we finally found the treasure we use our tools to open it up to find it full of items that start with Tt like a Teddy Bears, truck, toothpick, and lots of letter T's.  We used the T's to twirl, tip, trot, and more!