Preparing for Preschool

Preschool is such an exciting step for you and your child!  Here are a few things you can do to prepare for a successful start:

  1. Talk about it!  Let them voice any concerns but keep the tone positive and excited when possible.
  2. Get them involved in the process of preparing and give them choices when possible.  Let them choose what to wear the first day, pick out a small backpack or sack they can use to bring papers homes in (and help them put a picture of your family inside), etc.
  3. Practice.  Play preschool with them.  Going to storytime at the library is a great way to practice listening skills.  If they aren't used to other kids their age, arrange some playdates to help develop important social skills. Practice independent skills like going to the bathroom and putting on their backpack.  
  4. If your child is not used to being away from you, start leaving them with a friend or family member for short periods of time.  This can help to ease an seperation anxiety on the 1st day of school.
  5. Saying goodbye on the first day is best if kept short.  You can even practice a special goodbye handshake or hug ahead of time.
  6. Here's a fun list of books about getting ready for the first day of preschool:
  7. Take them to our Meet the Teacher Night!  See the calendar for exact dates and times for your class.