Snack Time!

Discovery Adventures Preschool provides a small snack with every preschool session.  This is a great time to fuel those hungry little tummies with some healthy food while they practice manners and good social skills.  A different table etiquette will be taught and practiced each week in a relaxed and supportive way.  

Snack time is also a wonderful time to continue healthy habits.  It is so important to us to provide healthy snacks we are even a Team Nutrition School!  Following the guidelines of nutritious snacks set out by the USDA insures we give our students the very best!  Special accommodations can be made for dietary needs.  Every week the snack menu and manner being emphasized will be posted for parents.

Good Manner.png

One thing that can be a challenging adventure for preschoolers, is trying new foods.   To encourage students in this area, we have a "Two Bite Club".  After the concept is Introduced with a fun book, children are encouraged to try at least two bite of every food offered.  If they do so, then they receive a punch on their card.  If they get a punch everyday that week, then they are in the "Two Bite Club" for the week and get a certificate to display on the wall and then take home!  

Have any great ideas of how to make snack time a healthy adventure?  Let us know!