I'm so excited to see the classroom coming along so well!  Since our basement was unfinished, I've been able to have this room created specifically with the preschool in mind.  We've worked with some wonderful professionals to help our dreams come true.  Jim Mills did a great job with the framing and Brad Gill has been an amazing contractor!  I am excited for it to get to the point that I get to add my own touches on it!  

I am designing the room to be simple and neutral with lots of natural elements.  I think it's so important to bring in nature!  I also am a strong believer that the space should be a vessel for learning and be designed so that students learning and art is prominently and beautiful displayed.  Teacher created and store bought posters are to be kept to a minimum and used only when it makes sense (calendar, birthday board, etc.)  The real star of the room will be the kids and their work!  

Keep checking back for more progress!  I love sharing our adventure with you!